Meridian Therapies

We provide quality, private occupational therapy and paediatric services in Galway and surrounding areas. Our services include both paediatric and adult therapies for those with all abilities and needs. We aim to provide personal and approachable OT services that help our clients reach their full potential.

Assessment Services

Who We are

Founded in Canada in 1999, Meridian Rehabilitation has had over 23 years of experience helping people realize their potential. We started working in Ireland in 2022 and are based in Barna, Galway. Meridian Rehabilitation is a private therapy service, that offers the highest quality of support for individuals, families and businesses. We are a tight knit therapy team, who are easy to communicate with, who will be there when you need them and who are genuinely invested in seeing people reach their full potential.

Lorcan Russell (OT)


Having lived and worked in Canada for a number of years, Lorcan made the decision to move home in the Summer of 2022, and he has been loving being home ever since. Originally from Limerick, Lorcan did his undergraduate degree at the National University of Ireland, Galway. 

He has a diverse range of skills and experiences having worked in many different sectors including homelessness, mental health, neurorehabilitation, return to work and pediatric occupational therapy. 

Lorcan was drawn to Occupational Therapy because of the ability to work directly with people to reach their goals. He takes a fun and collaborative approach to Occupational Therapy.

Although his primary focus is on working with children and adults in Ireland, he continues to work with Canadian clients as well as providing training to Meridian staff members. 


Lydia Phillips 

Lydia is the founder and CEO of Meridian Rehabilitation. Lydia grew up in British Colombia and graduated from UBC with a BSc in occupational therapy in 1990. Her first job was in stroke rehabilitation at Holy Family Hospital in Vancouver. She then worked at GF Strong rehabilitation hospital in Vancouver for seven years, spending time on the spinal cord injury, brain injury and ALS teams. She moved to private practice in 1997 and worked for Access Community Therapists; specializing in custom seating and assessment of dysphagia.

In 1999, she and her family moved to Vernon, BC and soon after, she started her own private practice. Over the years, her practice has grown into Meridian Rehabilitation Consulting with her personal focus in: functional capacity and cost of future care evaluations, brain injury case management and providing mentorship to the OTs at Meridian Rehab.

Lydia has a wonderful husband, Brent, and seven children (5 boys and 2 girls). When she had fewer children, she enjoyed a variety of sports including rowing, triathlon, volleyball, basketball and hockey. Nowadays (when she has free time), she likes to go for a run, bike, read or spend time with her family.