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Pencil Grip 101: What to know as your child readies for school

As our children start school, one of the important activities that they need to master is handwriting.  One of the key ingredients that sets up a child for success in handwriting is having a good pencil grip. In this blog, I’d like to talk a bit about pencil grip and how it relates to handwriting.  What is a correct pencil grip? Why is it important? And what should you do if your child does not have a correct pencil grip? 

The Demanding Life of Students (and how SLPs can help):

Some students find the academic and social demands of school to be challenging and disheartening. They have trouble figuring out the right rules and social behaviours for a school environment. These students often see their peers excel and feel left behind. Here is how an SLP can help students overcome these challenges.

Occupational Therapist, "OT", working with an Elderly Person.

Recovering From a Stroke

When it comes to stroke recovery, occupational therapists play a crucial role in helping families navigate the challenges that come with it. We work with families to develop a personalized plan of care that takes into account their specific needs, abilities, and goals.