Empowering Transformation – The Change Framework

While most therapists understand that empowering others to change themselves is the key to great therapy, this is easier said than done. There are many reasons why it is challenging to help others reach their therapy goals. The Change Framework was developed as a model to help therapists determine their clients’ true barriers to change and offers a structure that allows therapists to ensure that no stone is left unturned in the search to help clients reach their full potential.  The framework is also used as a powerful communication tool between therapists and clients to help identify and overcome these barriers.  The goal of this course is for participants to learn how to effectively use the Change Framework to understand, diagnose, and facilitating change.

Lydia Phillips is the founder and CEO of Meridian Rehabilitation Consulting; a Canadian rehabilitation company that employs a team of more 60 rehabilitation professionals including occupational therapists, speech language pathologists, kinesiologists and vocational specialists.  She has spent the last 25 years reflecting on how change occurs and the barriers to change; both through her work as an occupational therapist and, more recently, as a business leader.  She developed the Change Framework, and this  workshop, for her Meridian Rehab team as a tool for therapists who felt that clients were “stuck” and were not sure how to help them move forward in their programs. The workshop has since become a mandatory course for all Meridian therapists and the Change Framework model is now used with all Meridian clients. Therapists find that using this model helps to set clients up for success, and also helps to quickly define, prevent and/or overcome barriers to change as they arise.

Course Aim

Understand the ingredients and/or barriers to change.

Have a toolbox of strategies to use to overcome identified change barriers.

Give effective home programs and ensure they are enacted.

Define their role within the therapy process and the role and expectations of the client.

Understand the Change Framework and how to implement it in their practice effectively.

Have the resources to effectively teach the concepts to clients.

Be able to effectively communicate with clients about their identified change barriers.

Who is the course for?

This course is well suited to therapists who want more tools to be able to get the best outcomes in their therapy programs.  Portions of the course focus on “in-vivo” practice of skills with clients; therefore, the course is best suited for therapists who have an active caseload of clients.  The framework has been tried and tested with occupational therapists, vocational rehabilitation specialists, speech and language therapists, and kinesiologists, and is applicable across almost all healthcare domains, including physical injury, brain injury, pediatrics, and mental health.

Course Outline

This is an interactive online course, run over 4 sessions. As you will learn through this course,  change and habits form through active and engaged participation and repeated practice.  The course, itself, follows these principles – expect to participate and engage throughout each session and we will also be asking you to practice the strategies you learn within the course.  Expect about 1-2 hours of homework to do between each session.  All session will take place via an online platform.


 30th May – Introduction to the key concepts of change and the Change Framework.

1st June – Integrating theory into practice.

6th June – Giving effective home programs, structuring and practicing.

8th of June – Dealing with difficult barriers.  Course reflection and next-steps.

 Times: 9am – 12PM(GMT)

CPD – 18 hours

Closing date for applications: May 12th, 2023

Number of spaces available: 10

Application and Payment Information

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