Housing Assessments

An Irish house much like one that may receive adaptations from an OT qualified to make housing adaptations

Housing Adaptation Assessments


We want ot maximise you independence in your home and make sure that you are able to do all the activities you need to do. Often this is made possible by adapting your home to match your abilities. We assess your abilities now and in the future and make recommendations to maximize independence and ease. 

A Housing Adaptation Grant is available from local authorities if you need to make essential changes to your home. Grants are available to people with  physical, sensory, intellectual or mental difficulties, with 250 for the Occupational Assessment reimbursable. 

Recommendations are tailored specifically to you. The types of work covered under the grant include:

  • access ramps
  • downstairs toilet facilities
  • stair-lifts/hoists (OT report required)
  • accessible showers
  • adaptations to facilitate wheelchair access
  • extensions (OT report required)
  • Any other works which are reasonably necessary for the purposes of rendering a house more suitable for the accommodation of a person with a disability

We guide you through the process, step by step. We provide you with grant application forms and can assist with quotations for any work that may need to be carried out. We can also liaise with local authority housing grant departments, building contractors and architects on your behalf. 

Mobility Aids Housing Grant Assessment

Local authorities require an occupational therapy assessment when applying for the Mobility Aids Housing Grant. 250 of the assessment cost is reimbursable. We provide assessments for mobility aids and also for recommendations for home adaptations. Works covered under this grant include the following:

  • Grab-rails
  • Access ramps
  • Level access showers
    stair-lifts/hoists (OT report required)
  • Other minor works deemed necessary to facilitate the mobility needs of a member of a household

Environmental adaptation can significantly increase independence and allow someone to remain in their home for longer. Whether applying for mechanical devices or not, our assessment will ensure that you have the correct equipment in place to maximize independence and ease of access.

A grab rail provided by virtue of a housing grant. Ease of Access equipment. Housing Adaptation