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Lorcan Russell
Lydia Phillips

Lorcan’s favourite thing about his job is the people. He enjoys the wide variety of colleagues and clients that he gets to interact with every day and the opportunity he has to make a difference in people’s lives. He likes the challenge of working in multiple practice domains and figuring out how to best support each client. His passion is working with kids, because of the humor, honesty and infectious energy that comes in abundance.

Lorcan moved home from Vancouver in the Summer of 2022, having spent nearly 3 years in Canada.  Lorcan grew up in Limerick then lived in Galway throughout his undergrad and couldn’t stay away! Although he has moved up the road, his love of Munster and Limerick hasn’t faltered. He lives in Barna with his girlfriend, where they are close to family and friends.

Qualifications and Memberships
Bsc. Occupational Therapy from the National University of Ireland Galway
Association of Occupational Therapists Ireland – AOTI

College of Occupational Therapists British Columbia – COTBC

CORU – Health & Social Care Professionals Ireland 
Vocational Rehabilitation Association UK 
OT Network – Registered Provider
Areas of Practice


Autism Spectrum Disorder
Developmental Coordination Disorder (DCD / Dispraxia)
Sensory Regulation and Processing
Seating and positioning 
Adults and Design
Housing Adaptations 
Grant Assessments
Universal Design
Stairlift guidance
Vocational Rehabilitation and Adults
Post-Concussion Rehab
Brain Injury Rehabilitation
Mental Health rehabilitation and Coaching
Work Hardening and Work Conditioning Programming
Job Site Visits and Job Demands Analysis
Return to Work Coordination
Cost of Future Care Assessments
Functional Capacity Evaluations
Employer education and coaching

Ergonomic Evaluation




Lydia is the founder and CEO of Meridian Rehabilitation. Lydia grew up in Vancouver, Canada and graduated from UBC with a BSc in occupational therapy in 1990. Her first job was in stroke rehabilitation at Holy Family Hospital in Vancouver. She then worked at GF Strong rehabilitation hospital in Vancouver for seven years, spending time on the spinal cord injury, brain injury and ALS teams. She began a private practice in 1999. Over the years, her practice has grown into Meridian Rehabilitation Consulting with her personal focus in: functional capacity and cost of future care evaluations, brain injury case management and providing mentorship to the OTs at Meridian Rehab.

Lydia has a wonderful husband, Brent, and seven children (5 boys and 2 girls). When she had fewer children, she enjoyed a variety of sports including rowing, triathlon, volleyball, basketball and hockey. Nowadays (when she has free time), she likes to go for a run, bike, read or spend time with her family.

Qualifications and Memberships

Bachelor of Science in Occupational Therapy from the University of British Columbia
Member of the British Columbia College of Occupational Therapists
Matheson Functional Capacity Evaluator
Matheson Advanced Functional Capacity Evaluator
Matheson FCE Evaluation of Brain Injury
Matheson Life Care Planning Certification
Qualified as an expert witness in the Supreme Court of British Columbia
AMPS (Assessment of Motor and Process Skills)
Wheelchair Positioning and Seating

Areas of Practice

Case Management
Community Rehabilitation
Chronic Pain Rehab
Functional Capacity Evaluation
Cost of Future Care Assessments
Medical-Legal Services
Seating Assessments and Prescription
Spinal Cord Rehabilitation
Stroke Rehabilitation
Brain Injury Rehabilitation